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Lost or Stolen Passport

The Passport Agency has a limited number of Emergency Processing Slots (EPS). If your departure date is in 3 business days or less, you must call UPV Services immediately at (866) 334-8472 to reserve an EPS.
Step 1 - Gather US Passport Application Materials
A)  Letter of Authorization
Please contact UPV SERVICES regarding this document. Reservation for slots is needed for this document.
B)  Two Passport Photos
Photos must be 2×2, color with a plain light or white background and show a full front view of face. These can be obtained from Kinkos, Sears, or AAA.
C)  Proof of US Citizenship
Proof of citizenship must be an original or certified copy. The original document will be returned to you with your completed passport. No photocopies or notarized copies are accepted. Please provide one of the following:
  Official Birth Certificate (if born in US), OR
  Most Recent Passport , OR
    Naturalization Certificate (for US citizens through naturalization), OR
    Certificate of Citizenship (if born abroad to US parent(s))
D)  Proof of Identity
A Driver's License or State ID issued more than 6 months ago. Please make a clear photo copy of your driverís license or State ID.
If your Driver's License or State ID was issued less than 6 months ago, please submit the following:
       Alternative form of identification  AND  Supplemental Form
Applicants age 16 or 17 without a valid, 6 month old driver's license, can have a parent co-sign the application. In this case, a birth certificate proving parental relationship is required for the application.
E)  Travel Evidence
Please provide two copies of one of the following:
Copy of plane ticket showing foreign departure, OR
Copy of travel itinerary (from airline or travel agency with applicant name, travel date, flight info), OR
If travel is for business and neither of the above is available, please send a business travel letter.
F)  DS-64 Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport - Click here to fill out this form now
DS-64 must be completed online using the government application form. Do not sign this form now; you will sign it in front of the acceptance agent.
G)  DS-11 Government Application for Passport - Click here to fill out this form now
DS-11 must be completed online using the government application form. Do not sign this form now; you will sign it in front of the acceptance agent. You must print out two copies of the DS-11 form and leave ONE COPY on the OUTSIDE of the sealed envelope.
H)  Government Fee
$170,   payable to the U.S. Department of State
Once you have all the materials (as listed above) ready, continue to step 2.
Step 2 - Fill out the Customer Information Form
Click here to fill out the Customer Information Form
All applicants must complete and submit the customer information form. After submitting the form online please print a copy of the "confirmation page" and send it to us along with the rest of the documents mentioned above.
Step 3 - Get Application Authorized
All 1st Time or New Applicants need to have their applications authorized by local government officials called Acceptance Agents (AA). Bring all of the materials listed above. This section describes what happens there.
AAs are located in Post Offices and Courthouses around the country. Not every Post Office or Courthouse has an AA, and hours vary. Click here to locate your closest AA.
  The AA's job is to witness the applicant sign the government form, check their ID, and seal some of the application materials into an envelope.
  The items that are sealed are:
  The first signed copy of DS-11.
  The signed DS-64.
  The original proof of citizenship.
  The two passport photos.
  The photocopy of the driver's license, or the supplemental ID.
  The travel evidence.
  One copy of the Letter of Authorization.
  The check for the "U.S. Department of State" for $170.
  The items that are not sealed are:
  The second signed copy of DS-11.
  The second copy of the Letter of Authorization.
  The UPV Services order confirmation page.
  The check for UPV Services (if not paid by credit card during checkout).
      Important Note: The Acceptance Agent will occasionally insist on sealing one or more of the items listed here as items that should not be sealed. This is perfectly fine. Just make sure to include the required number of them inside the package that you are sending in. As an example... if the AA seals one copy of our Letter of Authorization (or even the travel evidence), simply print out another so that you can include 2 loosely in the package that you send to us (see Step-3).
  The AA should write the applicant's name, departure date, and date of birth on the outside of the sealed envelope. If two applications are sealed in the same envelope (normal), ensure that both applicant's information appears.
  Tell the AA that you are using UPV Services to expedite the application. They must return the envelope to you. It is occasionally necessary to refer the AA to the Department of State's "Hand Carrying of Executed Applications" policy, located on page 31 or 44 of their manual. If the agent refuses to return the envelope, call UPV Services to have a representative assist you.
  Once you have the sealed envelope, and the additional materials (as listed above), continue to step 4.
Step 4 - Ship Materials to UPV Services
Be sure that you send the government sealed envelope and the UPV Services materials, arranged as listed in step 2. Any discrepancy can delay processing.
The federal government requires that we submit your application within 5 business days of it having been sealed. If your envelope was authorized more than two days ago, please call us for instructions.
Ship materials at "overnight" delivery speed.
Send your application to our sort facility at:
Company: UPV Services
Recipient: Passport Department
Address: 1050 17th Street NW, Suite 1000
City, State, Zip: Washington, DC 20036
Telephone: (866) 334-8472
We only contact you in the event of delay, so rest assured that your passport will be returned via FedEx in time for your trip, guaranteed!
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